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The Mizuno Sky Waveknit 3 is an everyday running shoe with a plush ride and a comfortable knit upper.
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The Sky Waveknit 3 features some of Mizuno's most exciting innovations in years. 

What's New
  • Smoother, softer, and springier ride
  • More comfortable upper
Unlike almost every other Mizuno shoe, the Sky Waveknit 3 does not contain a plastic plate within the midsole. Instead, a wave-like design is created by the geometries of two layers of foam that sandwich their new XPOP midsole foam. XPOP gives this shoe a soft, springy, and resilient ride perfect for putting in plenty of miles.

To complement its plush ride, the Sky Waveknit 3 was also equipped with a super comfortable and aesthetically pleasing knit upper.
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