The 'Point' of Saucony Spiked Running XC Shoes

Congrats to all of you XC runners who have been training all summer.  Your work will pay off for you on the course this season. 
Here’s the break-down on the spikes we will be stocking for the 2017 XC season:
Spike facts:

  • Spikes should fit snug but not cramped.  You will probably go down a size from your training shoe
  • Pins:  this is what the spikes go into; there are usually 3 – 8 pins on a spike
  • Spikes:  ¼” = standard; 3/8” = good for standard XC courses; ½” = good for muddy courses; plugs = good for courses with a lot of pavement
  • What is the difference between XC | long-distance track | sprint spikes
    • Sprint:  designed to put the runner on his/her toes, little to no heel, no cushioning, maximum # of pins
    • Long-distance track:  fewer pins than sprint spikes, more cushioning and more heel than sprint spikes since the long-distance runner strikes more flat footed than a sprinter
    • XC:  same as long-distance spikes but made with a rubber sole to handle the XC terrain


  • Light:  just under 6oz
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Responsive & flexible
  • EVA midsole for cushioning
  • Durable outsole
  • 4 pin spike


  • super light at 5oz
  • carbon rubber outsole = superior traction
  • flex fill technology = hold form and increased durability
  • EVA foam = some cushioning
  • Upper = super lightweight mesh with FlexFilm overlays (similar to the Kinvara)
  • 6 pin spike = more aggressive grip


Spike night schedules (as of July 9th). Check FB for event updates
           Pinecrest Academy:  Wed, Aug 9th:  6pm – 8pm

To schedule:  contact Kim or Travis at [email protected]