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When I started running in the 80’s, there were less options for gear.  I trained in New Balance shoes that probably weighed as much as all the shoes on our walls put together!  Being a farm kid, I wore my spikes for track and XC for all 4 years.  Tights weren’t available until my senior year.  This meant we ran XC meets in the snow in shorts. It paid to run fast and get back to your big, baggy, and heavy sweatpants!  Tracks were cinder or dirt and the wealthy schools had all-weather surfaces.  I always felt bad for the girls learning hurdles.  They spent a lot of time removing cinders from their legs.  Thank you, I will stay with 800m and up! No hurdles for me.  Technology was a running watch and if you wanted to carry a heavy Walkman you could have music on the cassettes that you created.  The more I work at Totally Running, the more I learn about what is now available and how it makes the run faster and more comfortable.
Oiselle Roga shorts

Oiselle Rosa Running Shorts

These are the BEST!!! running shorts I have ever worn.  They are the only running shorts that I will buy from this point forward.  They are close to perfect in my book and here is why

  1. waist band – a goldilocks of a waist band:  flat, not too wide and not too narrow; they lay perfectly across the waist line and never bunch up
  2. length – again, goldilocks:  not too short (I’m near 50 and do not feel the need to show my fanny!) but not too long (although they come in a longer length if you prefer).
  3. liner – no chafing, no rashes, no rubbing ; the elastic holds up after multiple wears and washing (which means coverage during stretching & no road rash)
  4. material – lightweight, breathable
  5. wear – I have 3 pair that I rotate.  I wear them all of the time  - running and everyday and I have had them for a year and they still look new
  6. no bunching –this is what I like best.  When I do long runs on hot, August afternoons, I sweat to the point where the shorts are soaked through but they DO NOT bunch up like all of the other brands

Bottom line – leave the dark ages of running shorts behind and treat yourself to the amazing Oiselle Roga shorts.