What is Ragnar Trail?

What is Ragnar Trail?

What is Ragnar Trail? Teams of 8 run relay-style on three different awe inspiring loops that start and finish at Ragnar Village. Teams run day and night, and push their limits, until each member has completed all three trail loops with friends and a community of runners by their side.

“Growing up I was not into running, I got into the regime in 2008ish. I was doing around 3-5km a day. I moved to the US in 2010. My brother introduced me to Ragnar in 2015.  The idea of a 24+hr running relay, exploring the city on foot, getting to know 11 complete strangers, spending 2 days and 1 night in a smelly sweaty van with 5 strangers and creating that bond/connection that lasts forever, doing things that don’t make sense (decorating vans, running through a wooded forest in the middle of the night, craving pickles at 2am, breakfast at 4am), celebrating the occasion together, learning about yourself and others and most importantly the camaraderie got me hooked on to Ragnar. 

No one is eyeing a prize here. That’s the best part. There is no agenda!! Get to know people, explore a new city, and have fun!” 

Ro Sawant – Ragnar Run Ambassador