Inserts and Cushion and Socks...

... Oh My!

 A few thoughts on improving the fit and comfort of your running shoe from the shoe fitting experts at Totally Running and Walking in Cumming:

CUSHION LEVEL IS A PERSONAL CHOICE. Some people love a squishy shoe while others prefer a more firm, responsive ride. Either way, you should never have to break in a running/walking shoe. The shoes should feel good in the store.

INSERTS ARE IN. If shoes alone are unable to fix your nagging pains you may want to give inserts a try. They cost $40-$65 and often last twice the length of the shoe. The addition of these babies will make the shoes fit better and help balance you out, especially, if one side is less stable than the other. Keep in mind that all inserts and not equal. We fit customers for inserts all the time. They are great for cleats and dress shoes alike.

TAKE SOCKS SERIOUSLY. Have your cotton socks slipped down in your shoe while working out? Cotton traps moisture and a sock wet can cause friction and sliding. Your shoe may feel like it is slipping or even worse you may get dreaded blisters. A good moisture-wicking sock can make all the difference.