A Fun Way to Test How Relaxed You Are on Your Next Run

How Relaxed Are You When You Run?

You should be nice and loose while you are running. Don’t bunch up your shoulders to your ears and clench your fists so tight that your knuckles turn white.

Check yourself every so often by letting your arms hang by your side and shaking them out a little. This will get rid of any pent up tension and give you a quick break in your rhythm allowing you to ease back into a relaxed run.

If you really want to put yourself to the test and see just how relaxed you are when you run…

Give Yourself the Pringles Test.

Pringles Running Test for RelaxationNext time you are at the grocery store, pick yourself up a can of your favorite flavor of Pringles. As you head out the door, grab 2 chips. Place each chip in between your pointer finger and your thumb. Be careful, if you press too hard, that chip is going to break. Focus on keeping those fingers and hands relaxed. You know you are doing it right if your Pringles stay in tact.

See how long you can go and then give yourself a mid run snack! Who doesn’t love Pringles!