Eating Healthy During the School Week

Eating Healthy During the School Week

school + work + jobs + sports + life = no time to eat

Does this look like the math equation for eating for your family? We all know that drive-through fast-food isn't the best fix for everyday but trying to fit healthy meals into a busy day can make the Leadville 100 (an ultra-marathon in Colorado) look like a walk in the park.

Week's menu for eating healthy during the school week

Here is a sample menu that may work for your family.


Clean out the fridge; throw away anything that is past its prime and make a list of what you will need for the week (note: write your list in order of the aisles - no wandering up & down the aisles).


It's a pain in the fanny, but no one shops at 6:30am--you get a great parking spot next to the cart rack and can breeze through the aisles (and everything is fresh). Early morning shopping will save you at least 15-30 minutes/trip (try it!).


Grilled chicken. Corn on the cob. Grilled squash

Seasoned chicken: (make enough for 3 meals) simple seasoning = pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, a little paprika, and a little oil
Corn: (clean it at the store and leave the mess there & make extra for Monday) rub with olive oil, salt, and pepper
Squash & Onions: (extra for tuesday) cut into planks; use the same seasonings as for the chicken
Herbs: add to the chicken and vegetables: thyme, oregano, and basil would be good - fresh is great but dried can work


* Vegetables for the week: when prepping dinner, cut up vegetables for munching on throughout the week as well as for salads (time crunch? buy them pre-cut at the salad bar)


Chicken.corn.black bean quesadillas

Slice some of the remaining chicken, cut the corn off of the cob, toss both with canned black beans (drained & rinsed) and cheese, cumin, ancho chili powder, granulated garlic, and onion powder; brush tortillas with a little oil and fill with the chicken filling; pan fry, grill, or broil; serve with salsa and a salad


Chicken Pasta Saute

Slice the remaining chicken, halve some grape tomatoes, cut the squash & onions into bite-size pieces; sauté with a little basil, oregano, garlic, and thyme and toss with a jarred tomato sauce and pasta; serve with a frozen vegetable


Eat out - you've done a great job cooking!


Mixed grill. Sweet potatoes. Salad

Mixed grill: whatever was on sale or sounded good - try a mix like salmon, pork chops, portabella mushroom caps, and steak; season with the same seasoning as for the chicken; make extra for Friday.
sweet potatoes: wash, slice into planks, cook in the microwave with a little water just until tender; season with evoo.salt.pepper,thyme and grill with the meats.
salad - buy pre-cut and washed lettuce and finish up the vegetables you cut on Sunday.


Left overs from Thursday


Stay tuned for more ideas and some cooking classes at the store