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AMPHIPOD Swift-Clip Cap Light

Super bright white dual high-intensity LED clip light. Fastens directly to cap or visor brim for ultra-minimalist visibility.
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• High-brilliance dual white LEDs
• Constant beam front illumination and flashing strobe modes
• Ultra light (1/2 ounce)
• Easy-to-replace low cost long-life coin batteries
• Clips to cap brim, visor, strap etc.
• Easy-grip rubberized housing
• Battery included / ready for use
• Swift-Clip cap light available in Pink, Black and Green

Clips to a cap brim visor, strap, long sleeve cuff for close work in low light

Ultra light weight and small size add to versatility, flashing strobe and constant illumination mode

Tip:  Two brim mounted cap lights gives you beam width adjustment and is more powerful than most headlamps (also significantly more lightweight & comfortable)

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